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job banned


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SS14 account: Azmithkop
Character name: Azmith Blackheart
Type of Ban: Job banned
Date of Ban and Duration: 6 to 5 months ago
Reason for Ban: can't Remember why i got banned
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: i can't remember why i got  job Banned for playing as Captain but when i got job banned i got banned from all jobs
Why you think you should be unbanned: well ive still been playing and i havent caused any trouble but it kinda hard playing just as an passanger when the heads don't trust anyone joining
Anything else we should know: nothing comes to mind

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  • Project Manager

I am denying this for a few reasons:

Let me clarify that you are only banned from Command and Security roles, not "all jobs", for "Constant failure to abide by Rule 12 (poor escalation/inappropriate use of force), hands out objectives".

First off, your command role bans exist on your prior account, "Azmith", not this account. Regardless they are still in effect on this account. I strongly suspect that you made this account with the intention of evading your original command role bans which were handed out on 03/08/2022, seeing as you stopped using "Azmith" and then immediately logged onto this account, "Azmithkop" and realized the bans still carried over.

Second, your excuse for having two accounts is absolutely not supported by your connection history. Your connections have always come from the same computer, so I have no intention of believing this excuse of another person playing on that account. You also directly admit in your appeal to having been playing on the "Azmith" account and getting banned since you could remember you were playing as Captain when it happened, so lying is not going to get you anywhere, nor is omitting the fact that you used to use that username, even if it is currently used by someone else on Wizard's Den (it isn't).

Finally, you have taken a large gap in actually playing since these bans were issued with only scant connections every few months. I do not believe this is indicative of a streak of good behavior so much as a streak of inactivity until you realized you were still job banned.


For these reasons and for lying in the appeal, I am going to deny this, ban the "Azmith" account seeing as it hasn't been used to connect since May, extend your existing security job ban to cover Detective and Security Cadet, and allow you to re-appeal one month from the date of this denial.

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