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Discord ban: You#1818 - Bigotry

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Discord account: You#1818
Ban reason: After asking around I was provided with the reason of "bigotry"
When was the ban: July 27-28 of 2022 (I don't know the exact time)
Your side of the story: It seems one of you believes I am a bigot. I don't know more, no one informed me about my removal from the server and I was asleep when the ban was submitted, I noticed it after I woke up.
Why you think you should be unbanned: The ban seems unfair to me to be honest. I don't know what led me to get banned and I also slept when the ban was submitted. I was banned overnight and I am pretty sure I don't post anything offensive when I am not even awake. I do admit I am not the nicest person and sometimes I am mean, but I don't remember saying anything that could be a reason to ban over bigotry.
Anything else we should know: I don't think so.
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Unbanned. Ban was originally just some mass bans for unsavory reactions on one of the progress report posts, so you were caught in that. Seen you around and confident enough that you're fine though.

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