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acer231#5666 No homophobic slurs.


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SS14 account: acer231

Character name: joseph brindle.
Type of Ban: game ban.
Date of Ban and Duration: iam unsure.
Reason for Ban: no homophobic slurs.
Server you were playing on when banned: spacelizards?
Your side of the story: I genuinely cannot recall the event, I would like to see a log if I did offend someone at any time I would like the opportunity to apologize to them.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I do not recall any instance of this.
Iam not an experienced or seasoned ss14 player. iam not  a leader in my job and have made mistakes. i do not attack other people personally there is not point everyone is here to unwind and relax. the golden rule of my life was to do on to others what they would do to you. so i try to approach everyone in a fun or positive manor i would not purposefully want to hurt someone's feelings it goes with out saying that on being gay is not a problem or something to actually be ashamed of or singled out for i've  had many gay or lgbt friends. 
Anything else we should know: regardless of guilt if i had and not realized it i would like the opportunity to apologize to the person i offended, please and thank you.

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well then I absolutely did that obviously I didn't mean this in a derogatory way but that isn't really the issue with it. so I apologize for that I shouldn't have used that word. I really enjoy this game id like to continue playing and I will strive to be a better member of the community.

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like i had said derogatory or not isn't the issue the issue is me choosing to use the word. i should not have used the word is the simple reality, so regardless of intent I violated the rules and I apologize for that and i would apologize to the server for my slurs.  the context and situation are irrelevant as well I got carried in the moment and said something i regret so i apologize for my actions i likely made someone uncomfortable or feel unsafe in the game and for that iam sorry that was never my intent. iam open to learning from mistakes i know ive been messaged by admins for other mistakes like a bad bombing on syndicate coach me and point things out like this and i will improve if given the chance i have very much enjoyed my time on the station id like to try and make sure others enjoy it as well. I've met some people id call toxic maybe i didn't understand them well enough but the vast majority of people I've met have made this a fun community i would like to be a part of.

in summary iam outright guilty i wont defend that but i would like the opportunity to come back and be a better crewmate.

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