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Idk what happened. Was offline for month


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SS14 account: BigBrother
Character name: Commissar (I guess)
Type of Ban: Permanent ban, from the server.
Date of Ban and Duration: idk
Reason for Ban: "Homophobic slurs" ????? 
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den (wasn't offline ban I guess)
Your side of the story:   I have just only 16 hours in Space Station 14. Yesterday I tried to join to server after my work and I was banned cause of "Homophobic slurs". I didn't play game for a few months and shocked about the ban. I'm not a racist or homophobic person. Yeah I'm not a good player at all but I didn't managed to insult. I have to tell you my friend who invited me to this game, who has my password; perhaps he did something idk. Sorry for all...
Why you think you should be unbanned:  I do not insult anyone myself. I want to change my password and make meals as chef. I won't give my password after that. Sorry for being problem and sorry who insulted from my account. :(
Anything else we should know: Thanks for reading. I assume my mistake about sharing pc. This won't happen again.

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