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Guys an engineer loving mimest admin gave me a 4300 minute BAN unbelievable.


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SS14 account: lizard-USW Character name/species: ZOG ZOG :HUMAN Type of Ban: Server Ban Date of Ban and Duration: Today(Sunday the 20th of July2022), 4300 minutes. Reason: (incredibly excessive greytiding and self antag) Your side of the story for Ban: Went over to engineering as a mime to see what was going on. The wall had been broken by someone else so I went inside to check it out. I didn't take anything didn't break anything but as I left I was attacked and beaten to near death by two very aggressive engineers. after a quick trip to med bay feeling vengeful I decided to trip them with a banana peel and steal their fire axe which I succeed in doing they then chased me all the way to sec and were attacking me the whole way there sec then jumped on the band wagon of chasing mime and so in an act of self defence due to me being low health I put the engineer to critical then dropped the axe. I was then arrested and taken into custody and given a 4-minute timer which I was content with and did not resist at all. You see as a mime I could not break my vow of silence and therefore could not defend myself. just before I was let go two engineers broke into sec and tried to kill me as the power was conveniently down I did not attack them just tried to let sec deal with it and just ran around slipping them over with banana peals they got me to crit and were going to kill me but sec threw a lucky flash down and they lost track of me. I was then brought back out of crit and the two engie psychopaths were locked up but were let go within 10 seconds and given there axe back due to them being engineers and the goddam power being out. after that I got out and saw them push over clown and handcuff him knowing these  guys were jerks I tried to intervene by letting clown go and  stealing there axe but the gross ass cat detective stunned me and locked me up. after 8 minutes of jail time I left sec and then was blown to pieces by an admin followed by a swift ban.

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