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Sdi (Self antag)


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SS14 account : Sdi
Character name : Cara Alar
Type of ban : game ban
Date of ban and duration : 17/02/2022
Duration of ban : permenant
Reason for ban : self antaging and suposed killing for theft
Server played on when banned : Lizard
My side : I was the cap on this round. I suspected someone of being an antag asked if I could search their bag they said no so I stunned them and cuffed them then searched them and found numerous antag items because we were about to call a shuttle and we didn't have enough sec to know that this person would be secure and we also didn't know if they had a holo at the time I decided to kill them which I feel it was within my right to do so for the sake of not getting people killed they started saying stuff about it being against the rules and how they were gona get me banned so I killed them but it turns out they weren't fully dead and they released their holoparasite which killed me
Why I think I should be unbanned : I don't belive I really did anything wrong this person was a danger to everyone arround them and we didn't have enough security to properly contain them

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Hey Sdi,

First let me apologize for how long this appeal has taken to handle.

On further review of this ban we have decided to accept this appeal and lift the ban entirely. While the claim of the execution was correct, we believe it was justified under the circumstances which you outlined and which were found in the logs upon further investigation. The original reporting party neglected to report that they also had various syndicate items on their person which were discovered on search (emag, at minimum), in addition to various lethal firearms stolen from security, the suspicion of having a holopara, and from the context of the conversation had, after being caught red-handed breaking into the bridge or captain's office. These factors standing alone would validate someone for permabrig or execution.

From the circumstances I understand, you made the perfectly valid decision to dispatch a valid threat to the station at large under the situation of not being able to safely contain them, not having enough personnel to do so, and with an emergency shuttle very close to docking. I think this ban mostly results as an after-the-fact misunderstanding of the extent of crimes and evidence against the executed, combined with not being able to reach you shortly after the round was over.

Under these circumstances, this ban will be repealed.

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