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My Ban Appeal (Discobabester)


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SS14 Account: Discbabester

Character Name: Marcus Woodchip. Head of Personnel

Type of Ban: Total, permanent game ban.

Date of Ban and Duration: I was banned on 15.7.22, the ban itself lasts forever.

Reason for Ban:  "RDM'D as security officer. Killed a random crewmember and then suicided before logging off"

MY SIDE: This may sound crazy. But you have the wrong person. I was not playing as the person who did that. You are looking for an account named Ijustlovemybird . He was sitting next to me at the time and I saw him do the crime. What I am attempting to say is, it wasn't me. Marcus Woodchip and to the extension Discobabester never hurt a soul that round. Clearly an error of identity has occured. If the computer using that internet has also been banned, then I have been banned too because I use the same internet.

Why I think I should be Unbanned: As I stated, it simply wasn't me. Ijustlovemybird is my brother. We live in the same house and use the same internet, he was the one who shot the crewmember. I also believe I brought a small amount of value to the community. I was a mighty good security cadet, chef and HoP.


Additional Notes: Contact Ijustlovemybird. He will have an explanation for his behaviour.

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My apologies. There was no excuse for this behavior. And I am sincere in my words. If you wish for the context, I was playing captain for the first time and made a big mistake. I ended up getting exploded because of this mistake and that ticked me off. Resulting in the ensuing argument.


I am sorry about that.

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  • Game Admin

Hello. Apologies for the delay in processing this appeal.

I'm going to ignore the extremely likely case of metacomms here between you and the person that I'm assuming is your friend or sibling and get straight to the reason why this, according to our policy, must be denied.

You attempted to ban evade under the name Wildspacecarp the same day you made this appeal. You chose not to bring this up at any moment during the appeal or the commentary afterward. This account was made by you, not your friend. Your friend will also not be able to appeal because we cannot guarantee that they will not let you play on their device.

Between your ban evasion attempt and the instance of you harassing our team listed above, I have no empathy for you and will refer you to a standard 6 month voucher ban. You may appeal no sooner than January 15th, 2023 (six months after your last ban evasion attempt) with a referral or voucher from another SS14 or SS13 server.


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