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Disapointed: banned for spamming retry


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SS14 account:  disappointed

Character name:  mario joyce

Type of Ban:  game ban

Date of Ban and Duration:  7/8/2022

Reason for Ban: spamming/auto clicking connection request while server was full

Server you were playing on when banned: wizards den lizard [US West]

Your side of the story : I got on space station 14 and was looking for what server to join. and it said that wizards den lizard only had 50 people in it. so I click join and got the server is full screen. so I thought to myself ''what if I  just click retry over and over again into I get into the server'' So that's what  I did. and it worked!  but after a few mins I got kicked and met with the ban screen. I knew spamming wasn't allowed in the server but I didn't  think you could even call that spamming.  but I thought about it and I can understand why I was banned.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I Think I should be unbanned because it was a honest mistake. and I will never do it again.


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