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Wiktor0x0's ban-appeal - Admin team's discussion


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SS14 account: Wiktor0x0
Character name: I don't remember, but it probably starts with "Zawias ........ ....."
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: I don't remember. I think it was end of May or beginning of June, it's Perma
Reason of Ban: Upon discussion with the admin team this ban has been elevated to an appeal-ban
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard den
Your side of the story: I was just playing, I wasn't doing anything suspicious, just chilling
Why you think you should be unbanned: I don't know why I got bannned, I was playing and then it kicked me and this ban showed up, if you tell me why i got banned i won't do that again

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You knowingly spaced the station as a drone. Not only that but when asked why you said 'risk is fun' showing you didn't care that you were breaking the rules. The thing that elevated it to an appeal ban was you saying 'what is a ban threatening me' directly after. Had to be a bit more than just the couple of days it would have been, otherwise it wouldn't have been any sort of punishment.

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I meant "How long ban is threatening me". I wondered if will I get Perma, a few days or months ban.

"'risk is fun" - Let's say that you were right, I shouldn't say that

Spacing the station - I was bored, it was a little prank, you know

Since I got banned, I play on Nyanotrasen and I didn't get banned anymore

Now, I respect The Rules

And I think that there is a little difference between a couple of days and Perma

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