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(Mctittes) (allt accounts)


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SS14 account: Mctittes
Character name: i cant remember but i think it was bob
Type of Ban: .permit ban
Date of Ban and Duration: between a month to 2 months ago
Reason for Ban: allt account
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard den 
Your side of the story: so my friend loki was banned, so grieving, i thought it was unfair and i came at the mods in a pretty mean and crap way. At the time i felt like me and my friend were being ganged up on so i kept msging the mods getting upset he was banned. i got banned and try to get around it with an allt account a few times. after sometime has passed i see that i was being childish and I'm sorry for how i reacted intern.
Why you think you should be unbanned: im sorry i learned my lesson, i didnt get to play long and i really enjoyed the time i did. i promise to play by the rules and be nice to all i met i just want to have fun with my friends i dont want to make any problems. im really sorry i did and I'm just hoping for one for shot.
Anything else we should know: i really am sorry,
appeal, include it here.

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