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IM an a**hat


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SS14 account: chickenmctitties
Character name:SS14 Mctittes

Type of Ban: Perm
Date of Ban and Duration: A month ago
Reason for Ban: Lots of things that were done in ignorance, main reason allt account
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards Den
Your side of the story: my friend was given a smg from a random, he unloaded the clip in.. I think canteen which was the start of all this. he tried to explain hisself but story was not believed. i inurn got upset and started msging the devs in a hostile way witch was really outta line, i was upset because i really enjoyed the game and i felt ganged up on. i know now after some time that wasn't the case. i also tried to get around the ban with an allt account i was being dumb i know i shouldnt of and wont do it .
Why you think you should be unbanned: I'm really sorry, i promise to play by the rules no longer make an issues I'm just here to have fun please forgive me.
Anything else we should know: im an a**hat and im sorry i will be better 


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