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smileysnake#3131(Changed since Ban) - Offensive Language

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Discord account: smileysnake#3131
Commonly used names: neutral_kom#3131
Ban reason: Use of the word "retard", proceeded use of the words, "flame retardant"
When was the ban: Around 2022-05-25?
Your side of the story: Undisputed
Why you think you should be unbanned: I don't dispute the reason for the ban, I could've held my tongue. I know foul language and such are clearly against rules and I expected to be punished accordingly. I have however found it difficult to get in touch with developers and coders for the game and for this reason I find myself asking for mercy. I'd love to be able to help sprite and implement game mechanics that I feel would greatly improve the game. I've been playing Space Station 13 and 14 for quite a while and would find it a great shame to let this incident get in the way, do have mercy and I hope you forgive me!
Anything else we should know: I'm very sorry!

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I was here for this. This isn't the full story.

The use of the words "flame retardant" was a clear attempt to toe the line and rules lawyer in front of Sloth, who took no shit and banned them immediately.

Also, you said to me that if I was in a fire, you wouldn't save me. Charming.

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Yeah, about that.

I got receipts for this, primarily because he spent two hours whining in OOC chat about how he got banned for it. I'm not sure if I ahelped it, but feel free to check the ahelp portal for something from me on 6/13 dated around... 7:30-8:00am Eastern? In any case, receipts.

Where Sloth originally told him to not use the r-word: https://discord.com/channels/310555209753690112/675078881425752124/985868649686519879

In summary, guy wanted to argue semantics on every little thing that was being said at the time, including whether Sloth had it out for firefighters because the word "retardant" contains the word he was told specifically not to use. Sloth outright told him he didn't care for him taking the piss out of it and to knock it off. Guy continued by calling Sloth "Hitler" and he got banned after. This is after he was jumping down another user's throat for how they used "I just" in a sentence. Literal "fucked around and found out" moment.

Where the OOC picked up after he got banned from the discord: https://discord.com/channels/310555209753690112/566749927372357632/985876002548903958

Eventually we had to basically tell him to shut up and that in no uncertain terms did we have a single solitary concern about what he was going on about, and that OOC wasn't the place to talk about it anyway.

I don't think any amount of sprite work or coding is worth the headache on this one.

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Refusal to stop, attempting to toe the line afterwards, calling Sloth "Hitler" (because he asked you nicely to stop saying a word in a social context), and then spending 2 hours crying about it in OOC to the detriment of at least half a dozen players who asked you to stop talking about it. This discord ban is now unappealable, and given your behavior has been called out by many members of our community already I would recommend taking precautions to avoid a game ban.

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