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ban appeal request again.


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So before I continue, the last mod said I had 6 lies in my post? I didn't, everything I said was true. 

For reference: 


My discord is: TheGreatKhan#8866 feel free to question me.

SS14 account: I think ModelF_12 -its been several months.
Character name: same.
Type of Ban: game ban and discord ban
Date of Ban and Duration: I think uhh 4-5 months ago?
Reason for Ban: Being a liar
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard US one.
Your side of the story: 

-I'm a liar

-I have lied to moon

-I missed this game so much that I pretended not be Tyler Durden so I can play this game.

-I was banned on this game cause I threatened Moon in a monkey suit.

-I now realize that was very immature and I had months to think about it.

I am sorry..please accept this request. 

Why you think you should be unbanned:

   I was told by Moon if I ever wanted a chance to play again, then to properly appeal and not be a liar. I have matured since then, and I actually want to code and insert content into this game.

Why should you get this opportunity?

 Well thats up to you, but I really want to be apart of this community-its the only game that I genuinely enjoy my life. 

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Yeah I lied in my last time trying to sneak back in with an alt account to play ss14.

My point is, that since then I've learned to not lie anymore. 

The correct wording would be "I was a liar".

I hope I can play and develop for this game once you guys lift the ban. 

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Hey there TylerDurden, upon further discussion we have decided to deny this appeal. Currently this ban is unappealable due to your actions and the sheer amount of alt accounts you made to try and circumvent this ban.

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