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ban appeal request


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SS14 account: I think ModelF_12 -its been several months.
Character name: same.
Type of Ban: game ban and discord ban
Date of Ban and Duration: I think uhh 4-5 months ago?
Reason for Ban: Being a liar
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard US one.
Your side of the story: 

-I'm a liar

-I have lied to moon

-I missed this game so much that I pretended not be Tyler Durden so I can play this game.

-I was banned on this game cause I threatened Moon in a monkey suit.

-I now realize that was very immature and I had months to think about it.

I am sorry..please accept this request. 

Why you think you should be unbanned:

   I was told by Moon if I ever wanted a chance to play again, then to properly appeal and not be a liar. I have matured since then, and I actually want to code and insert content into this game.

Why should you get this opportunity?

 Well thats up to you, but I really want to be apart of this community-its the only game that I genuinely enjoy my life. 



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