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Wetchop - Game Ban


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SS14 account: Wetchop
Character name: Nolan Honkers
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: ~4 days
Reason for Ban: "Griefing security, acting creepy, multiple bans for misbehavior"
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard USW
Your side of the story: The ban happened whilst I was offline. But, I believe there's an explanation for each.
> "Griefing security"
- I was made a clown in that round + was on drugs after having previous altercations with security(so motive)
> "acting creepy"
- I am completely confused to that but the closest guess would be when I was high on space drugs, and asking to touch the warden's hair whilst being wanted. This is meant to be ironic, and for comedic effect, not "creepy" unless you make it creepy, because there was no ill intent behind it.

> "multiple bans for misbehavior"
- Don't know what this specifies. I made sure to not do anything rash after my last ban.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe the bans just needed more context on the RP situations, rather than instant ban.
Anything else we should know: N/A, thank you!

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4 day ban isn’t the end of the world.

clown isn’t a pass to do things against the rules, make the crew laugh and be mischievous sure, but actively getting in the way of sec, breaking into sec or damaging sec every round is tiresome and griefing in the latter (not saying you did this, I have no knowledge of your ban).

Space drugs is also not a reason to be an ass. The next person who does something stupid and says it was because of drugs can expect a harsher ban. You can do stupid stuff while on drugs under that defence but breaking rules is not one of them. 

Ban expires on the 28th at 12:10am server time. Unless anyone has anything to add in your defence, such as admins or the warden / security in question, I suggest sitting it out.

Chief ideaguy

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I understand the clown offence, but there is no reason for the other offences...

I didn't do any more harm than the clown offence. The space drug was pure roleplay. I feel like it was twisted heavily to get this to be a way harsher ban...

Four days isn't the end of the world, but it's definitely an over-exaggeration of the offences which haven't even considered my explanation.

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It hasn't been ignored. Nor would I say that your reasonings for your RP comments are super valid here. Your intent doesn't mean much if they were still objectively creepy things to say in RP. There is less than a day remaining on this ban so I feel like it can be waited out at this point. Closing appeal.

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