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Rysiek - Metagaming(?) re-reapeal


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i finally figured it out, sorry for that

SS14 account: Rysiek
Character name: Rick Hunter
Type of Ban: gameban
Date of Ban and Duration: Date: 7PM i think (GMT+2) Duration: permament
Reason for Ban: metagaming nukies/ect as a ghost
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard US West
Your side of the story: The story takes time through diffirent days, that go much in the past. Basically when i had 50+- hours into the game, i used to call out things after being revived, to help a crew stay alive. I did that 2-3 times i believe, and it didnt really affect the round that much, nukies got the nuke set up/syndies got away.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I kinda got suprised its a permaban, not even a warning or anything just a goodbye. I stopped doing that metagaming stuff after these few times, because i saw its kinda worthless (as i said earlier, the nukies would win ect.) and i dont want to miss on anything that will be new to the game, i seen this games state from over half of year ago and its a very enjoyable experience. (also holidays are starting, and ss14 is pretty much the only game i play now)
Anything else we should know: i dont really know what metagaming really means (people use that word in many cases, which dont really connect), i do have an alt accaunt i think but i made it because i forgot the password to my main (very long time ago) and didnt use it since then, thats all

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Some questions for you:

1) Did you read the rules when you connected or at any point.

2) If you don’t understand the rules, what do you think you should do, and did you do it?

metagaming is a serious offence and is a very common rule in a lot of social online roleplaying games and games in general. This is to stop people passing information from outside the round to players in the round, to give them an advantage they wouldn’t otherwise have. It ruins any element of surprise, it’s not fair on the other players and it even ruins the experience for the players you think you’re helping.

Literally any Google search for this term would have gave you an answer, or asking in game, on discord or through ahelp, so there’s no sympathy for not understanding the rules and being banned, when you don’t get help with them. Not wanting to miss new content also doesn’t help your case as you should think about the consequences before breaking rules.


I’ll reduce this to roughly 1 week so expiring on the 30th. Since this is your second ban for meta communications, if you do it again you’ll be banned for a month or more, understood?

Chief ideaguy

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