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Rysiek - Metagaming(?)


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SS14 account: Rysiek
Character name: Rick Hunter
Type of Ban: gameban
Date of Ban and Duration: Date: 7PM i think (GMT+2) Duration: permament
Reason for Ban: metagaming nukies/ect as a ghost
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard US West
Your side of the story: The story takes time through diffirent days, that go much in the past. Basically when i had 50+- hours into the game, i used to call out things after being revived, to help a crew stay alive. I did that 2-3 times i believe, and it didnt really affect the round that much, nukies got the nuke set up/syndies got away.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I kinda got suprised its a permaban, not even a warning or anything just a goodbye. I stopped doing that metagaming stuff after these few times, because i saw its kinda worthless (as i said earlier, the nukies would win ect.) and i dont want to miss on anything that will be new to the game, i seen this games state from over half of year ago and its a very enjoyable experience. (also holidays are starting, and ss14 is pretty much the only game i play now)
Anything else we should know: i dont really know what metagaming really means (people use that word in many cases, which dont really connect), i do have an alt accaunt i think but i made it because i forgot the password to my main (very long time ago) and didnt use it since then, thats all

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