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(Admin Unknown)Ban Appeal


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SS14 account: Skoobster Banned server: Wizard's Den Lizard [US West] My character was Zongo Bongo at the time. I did not do anything wrong but rather was introducing the game to a friend and my brother.  My friend and I really enjoyed the game and were having a blast playing it but my brother did not care for it. He created a racist character by the name of "Black Evil Man" and would use racial slurs in his speech for entertainment. I told he would get banned but he did not care which is whatever. But when he got banned I was also banned due to me and my brother being on the same internet network as I am. He has no more interest in the game but I would really like to be allowed back in as I love the community, roleplay, and helping with the development of the game through interaction and feed back. As well as I would really like to go back to playing with my friend who has also really enjoyed this game. Thank you and I appreciate it,


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