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TheCanadianPear's Admin application

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My in-game username is: TheCanadianPear.
My discord username is also: The Canadian Pear.
Currently the only character I play is: jim.
I never really played ss13 but I have 900 hours on ss14.
I'm available about 5/6 hours a day.
I'm available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
I don't have any experience of being an admin on ss13, or roleplaying games really.
I have been banned 3 or 4 times I think, longest being 1 week.
I feel like admins are like the only people standing in the way of the game becoming total destruction, like when admins aren't online a lot more self-antags come out.
In my opinion the roleplaying status should be moved up so we can have more of a roleplaying experience, and not like, "spend your whole sec round to catch a traitor who will kos everyone".
I want to become an admin because, I want to fill the empty spots as much as I can where there are no admins online as much as I can. So we don't get self-antags getting away because an admin wasn't online and they can check the logs because of that.

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Your application has been denied at this time due to the short nature and quality of the application, and low visibility in Discord. Feel free to submit another application after a month or so if you would like!

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