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Suggestion- This is a repost from the space station 14 email I sent and if you have already seen it just message me to delete it


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What if you added genetics and dna stuff to ss14? It would be really cool and I can see how many people would enjoy it. you could make genetic monsters to blind monkeys. This comes from ss13. I think instead of it being a role it could be a machine inside of science since it seems sciency. Hope to see it!

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I would love something like that, but I feel like it may fit better in Virology. Maybe you could also you produce cures for diseases (Or maybe create them).
It would open up alot of very fun options both for med/science and Syndies who want to make some chaos

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Development occurs on a "when it happens" (or less affectionately, "when you code it") scale. There isn't a roadmap and nobody gets paid for their work. Developers work on what they want, when they want to work on it.

Genetics as they exist in SS13 will probably not be directly ported to Wizard's Den, because they are uninteractive by nature. This is a game about people trying to work together to make the ship run, and one person sitting in science plunking away at a machine doesn't fit very well with the design philosophy.

I do think that being able to make viruses would be an awesome tool for the syndicate, but with how viruses are coded right now it would be basically impossible short of a full overhaul of the system- which nobody wants to do right now.


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