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Lilbuddie23. Being 1 letter away from a slur.


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SS14 account: Lilbuddie23.

Character name: I assume Jeffery Riot

Type of Ban: Game ban

Date of Ban and Duration: 5/30/2022 Permanent 

Reason for Ban: "One Letter off from a racial slur still counts as a racial slur"

Server you were playing on when banned:   Wizards Den Lizard US West

Your side of the story: There Is no Excuse. I seen a Lizard passenger and I said that 1 word I wont repeat. But with an L. And I've said it twice I think. Nobody made a big deal about it so I didn't think it was. If the "One Letter off from a racial slur still counts as a racial slur" is in the rules its my fault for missing it. But I can see how its probably a fairly obvious rule. Like I said. There really is no real excuse for this there is no possible way I can Justify this. All I can do Is apologize and hope you accept my apology.



Why you think you should be unbanned: I don't think I should be Unbanned Just not permanently banned. I've been kicked once I think never banned but other then that this is my first offence. All I'm asking for is a 2nd chance maybe in a week or a month if you deem it so. Just not forever. Do I think the ban was unfair? Only to an extent. I understand why I was banned.

Anything else we should know:  Just that I do apologize and id never use the actual word if that counts for anything at all. And If I'm allowed to return I wont let it happen again. Thank you for reading my ban appeal.

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Appeal accepted, ban reduced to 1 week total (have applied a 1 day ban from today).

Please understand all speciesism and racism is banned, this includes attempting to say slurs by changing letters.

See you in a day. 

Chief ideaguy

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