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[NONE] - Davchik


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SS14 account: Davchik
Byond account: OPTIONAL. Davchik
Character name: Michael Jackson
When was the ban: 12.11.2021
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard us west
Your side of the story: i played as cargo tech. we created cargonia and made it liberated. Then we were need weapons to self defense, while i was trying to steal it from brig, captain and some peoples enters brig when i was hiding at locker. i waited a lot. then when everyone left, i jumped off and run to exit but there is guard, i run away of brig, he throw stun button at me, i decided to self defence with gun i found, i didnt hit him and he cath me, then my hommies broke in and started to release me. Sure there is was dead guards. then i exit the game because round ends.
Why you think you should be unbanned: i think it was unfair, i didnt know i will participate in proceedings with admin and left.
Anything else we should know: i sayd all

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The Permaban's purpose was to bring you here so you could explain yourself in detail and we could have a conversation without the honking of clown shoes or distraction of explosions. I don't believe you evaded me, I think I was just late getting on when you were getting off.

As a Cargo Technician your job is to take orders from the station, approve and deny reasonable ones and make sure crates are delivered or collected.

I would like you to read through the attached image with the Server Rule written on it and tell me which ones you violated by: Broadcasting over OOC that you wanted to 'make cargonia'. Ordering a mass amounts of weapons for your own use, then invading security to break out Damien Finlay, and killing all of Security in the process.



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I'm declining this appeal because even when it has been explained to you, you don't seem capable of comprehending the rules. I presume this is a language barrier issue, which means that the likelihood of you doing this again is very high. 

After conferring with other admins, I'll be re-assigning the permanent ban to a month's ban. This is to give you time to try to understand the rules more  to the point where, when your ban expires, you'll be able to follow them clearly and understand why leading an independent revolt in security which leaves multiple dead as a non-traitor is something we don't want to see happening again.

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