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DevonYT Banned Permanently for Racial Slurrs N(word)


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Devon Finkleberry

Game Ban

5/14/2022 Permanently

Racial Slurrs *saying The nword but not with the harsh R

Server Was Wizards Den US West

My side of the story was, I Was having a good time playing wizard den as I am a New player and I need help around the station because I'm new like I said so I have a good time I'm playing the role of HOS and doing fairly well at it I think I go to the bar I sit down I request a drink or two so Yada Yada 30 mins later There is this one guy this girl is talking to me about, She says *If he comes back here I'm going to inject him so he dies* I then say, *not a good choice because ill have to deal with you* She then goes out of the bar then starts a fight, I'm going to be honest here it got ugly. I Hopped into the fight and said, *Break it up* 3 times Then This dude keeps on hitting her then he comes after me then he starts throwing hits at me and I throw a few back, *I did not have enough time in the fight to try and tase him or cuff him* so after he kept hitting me I said to him *Stop it *n(word) with a *A* at the end* So then After wards he beat me *To my death or last breath* And I Keeled over And Died then All of these people in chat while I'm dead were saying *ooooooo your going to get banned* or etc.

Why I think I should be unbanned is because, I would love to play with my friends of course! And hang out and enjoy time off playing with others and roleplaying I would be sad if I can't and that's fine if I'm not appealed or given a second chance, I Do hope you understand that I truly swear I did not mean for me to say that word I do feel ashamed myself. I Would bring back to the community is Joy Fun times and also a nice mood, I Do think my ban was a little fair I could have been given a warning but that's the ways of the game. image.thumb.png.9abd95cb4e72043198d2a49cf421d28c.png

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46 minutes ago, DevonYT said:

my buddy told me its alright just use another account so i took his word

Your buddy just got you in a spot where you won't be unbanned for a week.

Appeal again in a week.

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