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King181 - RDM and leaving during ahelp


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SS14 account: King181
Character name: Phoenix Wrong
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: like half an hour ago
Reason for Ban: RDM, left during ahelp
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: It was my fourth game on this, I was just walking around and got a laser gun. Told someone to follow me and shot them. I didn't really realize that this was a bannable thing, it didn't really say in rules that you couldn't kill people (except for the section about security) so I assumed it wasn't too serious. Then I got the admin message and panicked and closed the game (yeah that was not a good idea), and when I logged back in I was banned.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Again I wasn't too familiar with the rules so didn't know this was wrong, I get that I've played this game for like 5 hours and am probably not the most important member of the community, but I was really enjoying it so would like to get unbanned.
Anything else we should know: Nothing really, it was very stupid of me to close the game but I wasn't thinking, just went into panic mode when I saw an admin pop up on my screen.

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1 minute ago, AWHayes said:

Well the fact that you panicked and left when I messaged you definitely makes it seem like that you knew you weren't supposed to do what you did. Rule 4 says that this is not a random deathmatch.

Yeah I definitely knew I did something wrong when I exploded and got an admin message on my screen, but before that I didn't think it was serious. I was joking around in the chat with a trader before that about not killing anyone. And can you post the rules here? I can't really access them now.

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Just now, AWHayes said:


I will say the game DOES make you wait to play to read the rules. There aren't many excuses to be ignorant of them. Especially when you can press F1 at any time in game.

Oh nevermind that's completely fair then, I get that you won't believe me but when I don't remember reading that when seeing the roles, probably just skimmed over them, I do remember seeing the security parts about not killing people and reading that part again to make sure it only applied to security. I'm completely in the wrong here then, but I will still keep a hope of being unbanned at some point.

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Looks like this ban appeal hasn't been accepted. I get why I was banned given that it is in the rules and I definitely should have read that more carefully, but can I still make a request of having it be non permanent? I liked my (short) time on this game and would like to return to it at some point.

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