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[Landen Stewart, Fired] [Banned for disconnecting during an AHelp]


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SS14 account: Fired
Character name: Landen Stewart
Type of Ban: Gameban
Date of Ban and Duration: I think in the 2nd week of April. It is permanent.
Reason for Ban: As captain, murdered an innocent salvage tech who happened to be around a open room in bridge, with no warning and no proof. Disconnected during my AHelp.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I had just gone into my room where a carp was growling behind the doors. I went to kill it, and successfully killed it. I noticed that the room was spaced and my locker was emagged. I went into the bathroom of the quarters, and saw it was breached with a salvage technician outside. I had my gun out so I assumed he was a Traitor considering he was just standing there, and I did not see any radio communication from him telling anybody on the station that the captains room was breached. I turned around, forgetting to clone him, and went back with my normal duties. After Mirino had AHelped me, I went back for the body realizing I had forgotten and it was gone. While being AHelped, a friend of mine tripped over the ethernet cable going across the room going to my computer. I was disconnected and came back the next day and the banned screen was there.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I have played for 129 hours on this game, only buying the game around a month ago. I enjoy playing the game, and I assure you this issue will not happen again. I hope to come back to the game and engage in more shenanigans. I do many jobs well, with experience, and I hope to return.
Anything else we should know: Nothing that comes to mind at the moment.

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Don't leave during ahelps. You said "I gotta go" before disconnecting, so I don't believe someone disconnected your internet cable. You don't need to make up reasons, admitting you messed up, and not doing it again is good enough. People mess up sometimes. Your ban wouldn't of been that long if you didn't leave, and lie. I'm going to un-ban you.

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