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Ban AppealI: tsDaito, Perma Ban on Wizard Den Lizard US West


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Gordon Freeman
Game Ban
5th May 2022, Perma Ban
N-slur (I did not said the N-slur.)
Wizard's Den Lizard [US West]

My side of story:
I was scientist that was killed, then I requested a PAi and got it. My owner (Mark Durk) left me in his office so I talked to myself. I (Probably) witnessed a murder of Doctor and other doctor and I said "Ayo Doc come here" "Doc NEEDED" etc. then I saw a Security/Warden that took a body and I said "Aye give back him!", as I was alone I roleplayed and talked to dog something like "What is up Dawg", "Come here dawg". As I was alone door to office where open and a Man in Green Shirt came here and I said "Aye Green Ass" "Get the heck out". He rebooted me so I requested another PAi. The new owner was dead so I talked "AYO MY MAN IS COLD ICE", "HE IS DEAD LIKE OLD PEPPERONI PIZZA",  "DOC NEEDED" etc. and then I got banned for nothing. Maybe it was music I played (It was Snoop Dog - Ain't Nothing Personal) or just a name I called myself it was Tyrone (When I was PAi).

Why you think you should be unbanned:
I was trying to be charismatic and start some interaction with passing by people. I am not a "always online user", bc I got a small break from it (last played December 2021). I love this community and I was someway active on #Cartography and #ideaguys back then. I don't want that my almost 60 hours of playing was deleted by mistake. If I insulted/hurted anybody by my behavior as "Chill PAi" I am sorry.

Anything else we should know:
if you have Transcription of chat, please check it. I just like game of those type and this is one of cooler sort.



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I didnt say that. I know its hard to believe but I dont said that. I was seen by everyone in main hall in Captain Office. I said "This boy is cold Ice" and as roleplaying as PAi I would not say "This boy is n-word" bc its not in style of the character. I am not that stupid to say the N-word on any channel because everyone is moderated. Maybe its a mistake from the past (December 2021). If you can give me a proper date.  I am nervous about it because I am sure I did not said that.

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