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        I recently moved into a new house, and I got this message when I was trying to join a wizard den server (attached below)


SS14 account: ModelF_12
Character name: N/a
Type of Ban: Game Ban (perma)
Date of Ban and Duration: Today? (4/29/22)
Reason for Ban: Attached Below, but I never threatened anyone? I don't understand? I'm a brand new player that was looking forward to playing and developing code for this game.
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Den Lizard 
Your side of the story: So I was looking forward to playing and developing for this game. I register a new account, I see it loading the server files, SUPER EXCITED TO JOIN (especially after just watching ssseth ss13 video...AND....BAN?? I never EVER threatened anyone, I am currently a tenant that just moved in a few days ago...? I have never even played on ss14 before? 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I never even got any chance to even play this game...not even once..I don't understand why I am accused of this? 
Anything else we should know:  Maybe the landlords kids played on the same network and got banned? I don't really understand how I can threaten anyone when I never even played this game before/ or have any contact with the owner/admins/or mods. 

-Also note, this is a brand new Mac I bought a few weeks back? I have never played ss14 before this? 


My Discord is: RabbitQ1#8866


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