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SS14 account: Papa_John
Character name: Jerimiah Outrcy?
When was the ban: No idea, sometime DEC. 2021.
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards Den US WEST
Your side of the story: I honestly don't know when or how I was banned, I came back to this game after a lengthy Hiatus, It states that I was banned for using the Nword. I have never used the Nword in this game, looking back at all the time I have played I was always the helpful Chemist who would teach newcomers the ways of chemistry, and the interesting world of Chemical reactions. I would've known if I used the N-word, but I apologize if I did.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I'd like to get back in the field of Chemistry, I enjoy teaching newcomers how to make metal foam, Smoke and other fun items to play with on the ship, from space lube to important medicines,
Anything else we should know: As I said, I don't remember it, but I'm sorry if I did.

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I guess this would have happend, It's my brother, I tried to show him the game back in December, and as he's on the same WIFI as I am I believe his ban may have gotten both of us. I'm looking at the Server-Lizard_usw and the last thing we did was a Monkey Rebellion together, he may have said it then.

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36 minutes ago, Papa_John said:

Same machine? He's got his computer and I've got mine, They're proximal in the house, but I don't think that'd cause a mismatch.

Ah yeah got corrected here, my bad, not the same one, I'll still let another admin take a gander here however.

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  • Game Admin

Looks like you got caught in an IP ban. I'm adjusting the ban now so that you are able to play @Papa_John

If your brother connects from your account or your device then it will be treated as your account being compromised and you will be re-banned. If your brother wishes to play he will have to make an appeal on our forums. If he does get unbanned, remember that sharing round information with another player through external channels (I.E. discord, skype, zoom, or IRL) is considered metacommunications and is subject to a permanent ban under rule 11. It's ok to play at the same time, but not necessarily "together", if that makes sense.

Appeal "accepted". If you are unable to connect to our servers in 5 minutes or have any questions please DM me over discord (the link to which can be found in our launcher).

Have fun!


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