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Character name: Leo McUrist

When was your ban: Not sure, recent to current date (4/19/2022)

Where was your ban: Wizard den Lizard (US West)
Why was you ban: "High probability alt."

Story: I was trying out the beta and it was my very first round, I spawned in as a miner, and was busy fiddling around the station checking all the systems. After awhile wandering around looking at things, and touching stuff, I left the server ~40 minutes into the round after dying several times due to testing systems and not knowing how they worked (Explosive decompression, lack of oxygen, touching electrified grills, boredom.).

Why you should be unbanned: You dont have to but I'll just return to SS13. I'd like to see how the new spacemans is going, but I don't have time to care about being banned over nothing.

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