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SS14 account: azazdiet


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SS14 account: azazdiet

Character name: Nomy Berserker

When was the ban: Nov 2

Server you were playing on when banned: Wisard's Den Miros [EU West 2]

Your side of the story: It will sound ridiculous but I was locked in the game for close to 1 hour and waited for the next round to get revenge and "bam" I killed 5 people. After I got banned, I read through the rule and realized that I was completely wrong. But i really like this game and i won't waste anyone's time ever again even if it's hard especially when i'm a security. I mean, I seriously imagined that if players like me came to the game, the game would get really boring, and I hated myself. I apologize to those 6 people whose names I can't even remember who ruined their game. I took a ridiculous attitude and I have to face the consequences. I messed around with such a good role play game. I was serious when I first started, but somehow I changed. I sincerely...

Why you think you should be unbanned: I have been warned before and I am aware that all of them are my responsibility, I will not do such things anymore, I will report if anyone does

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First off, making a ban appeal one day after being banned would already be rejected. 

Second, no, you're character name is not "Nomy Berserker" (its "Nomy Aceman") but whetever. 

Trying to justify killing 5 peoples because you wanted revenge from a previous match is what we call "meta grudge" and that's bannable. That was the first and only excuse you gave in discord after being banned. 

I will accept your realisation of your mistakes but don't end it with "i will report if anyone does". Sounds like you are denying your mistakes. 

I'll end this by denying this appeal. Ill reban you for a week and it shall not be changed.

I'll note your username. 

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