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This thread is for general information, links and frequently asked questions related to Space Station 14. I'm leaving this thread unlocked for now so people can submit their own questions or additions to this thread.


= Links =

- Organization
- Content
- Engine
- RSI Editor
- Developer Wiki

Space Station 14
- Steam
- Standalone Download

- Patreon
- Twitter
- Subreddit


= FAQ =

Q. Is it cursed?
A. Nah.

Q. Will SS14 ever cost money?
A. No. SS14 will never cost anything anywhere anyhow anyway.

Q. Are you the original creator of SS13?
A. Yes/No. The original creator of SS13 was exadv1 in 2003. Since it's open-sourcing in 2006, the community has been the developers of SS13. Many of our devs are coders, contributors, admins and hosts of other SS13 communities, but none of us were there in 2003. Except for exadv1 who's in our discord server.

Q. What SS13 codebase are you porting?
A. None. We're just adding stuff that we think is cool on the go.

Q. What language/engine is SS14 written in?
A. It's written in C# using our own engine; Robust Toolbox. C# is a good language and it's perfect for this project. It's easy to pick up, comfortable to write and pretty fast.

Q. Can I help out with development?
A. Of course! Our Discord server is the best place to ask questions and get help. We also have guides on our Dev Wiki on getting setup and coding.

Q. Will the main SS14 servers have round-start playable races other than humans?
A. No, but the functionality will be there for other servers. (Click spoiler to see the long answer to this question).


If we want to add non-human species, they would have to pass a high-bar for adding unique content to the game. This means simple boring "human reskin" aliens are off the table, and aliens should be very unique to humans in both design and behavior. The combined effort code, design, sprite and RP wise to make them pass such a bar would so immense that we do not feel it worth focusing on.

- Supporting base systems for it in code is something we'll do either way, to make it easier for downstream forks that DO want to add species and to make our code more flexible.
- Spritework on the other hand is significantly harder to come by and would increase maintenance effort for not only a single species, but the whole game (think clothing sprites to fit alien body types, no generic human-shaped stuff).
- Design wise is a careful balance to thread. Making them too unique can have ramifications for the rest of the game (especially powergaming) so there is no one answer here. Design also plays closely into lore and, as such, RP. We do have a lot of inspiration to pick from from SS13 servers, of course. Either way, we still aim to rid ourselves of many mistakes SS13 has made, so these kinds of decisions will be hard no matter what.
- Last but not least is the RP factor, which is perhaps the most difficult one. RP is still a critical part of making a species unique, but at the same time we recognize that main SS14 servers will be low RP, and we are not sure if we would actually be able to to provide this.

Due to these factors we feel like round-start playable (i.e. selectable from the character creator) will likely never happen. Areas like antagonist roles (e.g. vox raiders) are less problematic here, so they may happen, but the bar is still very high. And again, we still aim to make it easy for forks to add species if they want to.


Q. Will SS14 support multiple codebases/servers like SS13?
A. It already does! You can checkout our hosting guide to get started.

Note: If you're just looking to host a private server to mess around in solo play or test stuff, it's much less hassle to just build the game yourself which will compile a local client/server for you.

Another Note: SS14 is still in a very early stage of development. Think of us as in pre-alpha. Large changes to the codebase, engine and content are still being added and we only have around 5% of the content of an average SS13 codebase right now. If you're looking for consultation on whether or not SS14's ready to replace a SS13 server, please contact Swept#2000 or PJB#3482.

Q. What is the history of the project?


This project started off as a closed source remake formally known as Space station 13 remake. (https://spacestation13.com/) It lived for a while but the developers had real life things so instead of letting the game fall into darkness the developers decided to open source it.

The project was open sourced January of 2014. Many developers came together from many codebases to form the Open Source team. Much progress was made here, but then the daunting task of replacing the engine in order to make the game cross platform was created. Two developers tried to replace the rendering engine (gorgon), of which both either left for real life or other reasons. This Open source period lasted about four months before developers started trickling away as nothing could be done until the rendering engine was replaced. I started here and took the task of adding SFML. I completed it after three months of work but it was too late as most of the developers were already gone.

From that point on I spent two years just learning and spent the majority of my time actually learning OpenGL.

Then PJB hit me up and he took the reins of refactoring the ever living shit out of this project trying to make everything modular. Bobdabiscuit made this discord and everyone here has worked to create a common ground for codebases to branch off of

That's pretty much it for the history, the rest is to be created.

- Silver 09/11/2017

Q. Can I use SS14's engine to make other games?

A. Yes, we even have templates for both singleplayer and multiplayer to get you started.


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