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Ban Appeal to Stealth16


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SS14 account: Alainikus

Byond account: Alainikus

Character name: Rufus Griffin

When was the ban: 11/04/2022

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I was explaining to the admin @Stealth16that I shot the clown with the intention just to beanbag him. Unfortunately, the bartender's shotgun was loaded with real rounds, I then got a little bit frustrated and said something around those lines ''Listen fucktard!!!'' which was my fault yes. But I genuinely just wanted to explain to him. He then decided to ban me for a few days and then instantly decided to turn it into a permanent ban. What kind of bullcrap is that? Like dude doesn't give me false promises. I genuinely thought the shotgun was loaded with beanbags. He said I didn't say anything but others were telling the clown to drop the bana because he kept dropping bananas on people making the trip. I wanted to just take the banana away afterward. I think @Stealth16 got then a little pissed that I said the clown also possibly done FRP as he didn't fear the shotgun. Which is logical thinking in my view. He got then pissed and just banned me. I told him I obviously won't do it again I thought if others say stuff I don't have to.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Listen man it wasn't cool of me to insult you but I just state my observation and what I thought at this moment. SS14 is one of my favorite games and I play it a lot. I have done some things wrong, yes but I didn't do them again. I genuinely just wanted to explain to you that I thought the shotgun was loaded with beanbags. I am being honest here man. In general, I think my ban is on some part justified with the insult but on the other part, I disagree I genuinely thought those were loaded with beanbags.

Anything else we should know: Rufus Griffin#1026



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  • Game Admin

The elements that made me decide to escalate your ban to permanent were that you have 3 other bans on record- 2 for similar offenses, and you had already had a lengthy conversation with an admin earlier today day about something completely unrelated. I should have referenced those things before banning you initially, as they were what effected my decision.

If you ping me again then I'll deal with this appeal. For reference, you probably want someone else to deal with it because I don't like being cussed at when I ask people why they killed someone without talking to them.

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clarification + fix typo


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@Stealth16I'll let you handle it. I know I got some bans on my record but I stopped with these things. I even got DM'd by admins about my vocabulary and I followed it. I will read the rules fully again and I will use the steps necessary to get to use my shotgun when I have to. I apologize for cursing at you too that wasn't fair.

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  • Project Manager

Hi Alainikus. You've accumulated quite a few remarks for your conduct here at the Space Station 14 community for a variety of things, all the way to your initial permanent ban from the community. 

You returned recently only to have been approached by the administration here regarding your choice of words against another player on the US-W server, Lizard, and now this incident today.

This is three confrontations you've had with an admin within a span of two days, and you only just recently returned to the community from prior punishment on your conduct history.

Right now, it seems unbanning you will not bring any positive factor to the community if history will continue to repeat yourself, and in this case- your behavior and conduct on Space Station 14. Why should we vote to give you one last chance here at the community if even at all?

And if you do get a chance, it won't be another one you can easily throw away. Losing that chance means you will be removed from the community as a whole. This isn't SS13, where a new server can be thrown up easily and the cycle starts over again. This is SS14, a newer project managed by several with a goal for a better game, better overall community, and so on.

What do you think will convince us to unban you, judging from your history?

Edit 1:

To address the inappropriate wording from the handling admin, yes- it was not a proper way of approaching the reason for such but the frustration can be related to. With the new influx of players, several players that have received numerous chances, warnings, and one-on-one conversations from before the influx, return only to provoke other players or are malicious actors, having fun at the expense of other's own fun and time. 


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Because I care about the game, I never had so much fun with this game. I know I did some things while other players never had any problems but I am here to genuinely play. I don't troll around whatsoever like others who walk around and take out the light bulbs only doing that etc. I want to guarantee you I will try to avoid admin confrontation in the future and I have improved also my gameplay since I was gone. I know how to roleplay I am whitelisted in several serious roleplay servers. I am just trying to get used to how roleplay works on SS14. I will try to benefit the community by being a good roleplay example for others so the game will be even more fun to play. Maybe not as much serious as encouraging others to do more. I apologize for my past. I will assure I will not return to my inappropriate vocabulary and will play genuinely by the rules. Still, though I had no intention to kill the clown I thought the shotgun was genuinely loaded with beanbag rounds as I previously stated before. I will try to improve and I will read the rules properly again. And will avoid any touchy subjects and I am fully willing to use common sense.


Edited by Alainikus
Pinging to make sure they see my respond.
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  • Game Admin

Alright well, since you felt like pulling part of the ahelp out of context, I'll start by pulling the whole thing and we'll work our way through the issues.


Server: Wizard's Den Lizard [US West]
Stealth16: Why'd you kill the clown
Alainikus: he was just throwing bananas at everyone
Alainikus: I used my shotgun as a bartender
Stealth16: Press F1, reread rule 4.
Alainikus: I forgot 
Stealth16: It's in the first sentence.
Alainikus: bartender shotgun is loaded at the beginning with real rounds
Alainikus: dude i am telling you
Stealth16: It's literally an example in the rules of what not to do.
Alainikus: please fix the thing with shotgun wih real rounds
Alainikus: DUDE 
Alainikus: HOLY FUCK!!!
Stealth16: What else would fit in the shotgun? Bananas?
Alainikus: bruh
Stealth16: What did you THINK it had?
Alainikus: beanbag
Alainikus: bro
Alainikus: ill just do a forum post to remove the real rounds from the shotgun for bartender
Stealth16: It's not the game's fault that you decided to shoot the clown lol
Alainikus: yes why the fuck is there real rounds
Alainikus: explain to m,e
Stealth16: Defending the bar. To shoot bad guys. Do you need me to explain to you the purpose of a shotgun
Alainikus: no 
Alainikus: I said
Alainikus: Why the fuck
Alainikus: are there real rounds in the shotgun
Alainikus: Why 
Alainikus: I expected beanbag
Stealth16: You didn't even say anything to him. You just walked up to him and decided to shoot him- and we'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you were expected beanbag rounds
Alainikus: We were
Alainikus: We wanted him to drop the banana to stop making people trip
Alainikus: He didnt comply so i decided to beanbag him
Alainikus: but there was no beanbag
Alainikus: get it?
Stealth16: What do you mean he didn't comply your first words were after shooting the clown
Alainikus: I didnt say anything but some janitors did
Alainikus: I was helping
Alainikus: We were following him
Alainikus: He didnt comply kept trying to trip us
Stealth16: Do I need to explain why firing at the clown without saying a single thing is not helping
Alainikus: I had the intention to then beanbag him
Alainikus: We did warn him 
Alainikus: the fact i had my shotgun out and he didnt even fear was frp
Stealth16: Haha, alright.
Alainikus: what
Alainikus: so will you leave me alone
Stealth16: I'm gonna give you a few days to pull your head out of your ass.
Alainikus: No
Alainikus: I dont wanna get banned
Alainikus: I am just stating what my intention was
Alainikus: I obviously wont do it again
Alainikus: Please 

Issue #1, which is not even pictured here, is that this is the third time you've been ahelped today, and it's your 4th day playing since February. That's a ridiculous rate of issues and it indicates a pattern of poor behavior. You say here that you have not made the same mistakes again. What two prior bans for RDM show me is that you have stayed exactly the same.

Issue #2 is the actual situation at hand. You killed the clown as a non-antag. Sure, you thought you were using non-lethal rounds or something. But it is not the game's fault that you used lethal rounds on the clown. You definitely broke the proper conflict escalation part of rule 4, but I'd argue that you broke the common sense part of it as well. You also protested your arrest, saying that you "only" killed the clown. The things you mentioned in this ahelp were not the things you were telling the security officers. I'm willing, however, to chalk that up to a communication error, rather than something more malicious.

Issue #3 is the language you used. We've all been heated before, but you have a history of using improper and unacceptable language on SS14, including a ban and a warning (today!) for slurs. This indicates a separate pattern of poor behavior.

Issue #4 is the fact that you do not appear to understand the issue from the clown's perspective. To the clown, you just walked up, pulled out your shotgun, and shot him without saying anything. You then decided to argue that it's fail RP for the clown not to run away from you? You literally did not RP with the clown at all. It doesn't matter if you intended to kill them or not. You walked up to the clown, popped two shotgun shells into them, and thought that was proper RP. I should not have to tell you why saying nothing to the clown and then executing them is not RP, but it appears I do.


If this case were in a vacuum, and you had not had a history, then there would only be two (maybe two and a half because you cussed at an admin) issues, and you would be appealing a 7 day ban rather than a permanent one. But the fact is that you do. And we're much less lenient on people who have proven, multiple times, that they are not a good fit for this game. That's the mountain you are having to overcome right now.


I hope that the transparency helps clear up any issues or questions you may have had. I genuinely am not sure what we're looking for in this appeal to let you back in but "I've improved and I will continue to improve" and "I am a good roleplayer" are not the correct answers.


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I don't think I am not fit for the game. I think my main issue is just simply my vocabulary. If you actually see me play I play like all other players. Don't think I do this shit all the time. I very much enjoyed the game as of right now. I know I have poor behavior but I will guarantee to avoid that. I will bring in improvement genuinely and like I chatted with you in-game I said I obviously won't do it again before you banned me. Same as other admins did. I am asking for another chance even though yes I had chances before but I have in sense of them not doing the mistakes before I did in-game. At this point, I am clueless about what to say as I am sure I won't even get accepted as with past experience with this kind of ban appeals. All I can really say is I apologize for breaking the rules. I enjoy the game a lot and wish to may enjoy it again in the future perhaps.


Edited by Alainikus
Pinging to make sure they see my respond.
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  • Project Manager

Hi Alainikus. We've reviewed your ban appeal.

You will be unbanned within one week of this post as the original verdict rather than the escalated.

However, this is the only opportunity you have to change your conduct on SS14 before being removed permanently, forever. There won't be an appeal for that part if you mess up.

Essentially, you only have one more chance. The last. There aren't any "take-backsies" if you mess this last one up.

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