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[Banning Admin Username] - TheLoneKid_ITA


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SS14 account: TheLoneKid_ITA
Character name: Marquis The Third
When was the ban: 05/04/2022 (yesterday)
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard[US West]613139511_Immagine2022-04-06200404.thumb.png.ffd29443d9286cf16ad9f7fe9ee8b007.png
Your side of the story: So, yesterday, while I was playing as a bartender, I said: "what's up my N****" to a guy.

Now, i am very sorry for saying that word, i am just used to say it when i am with my friends,(of course without an offensive form)
and i used that word in a "friendly" form, with no intention to offend anyone(and i am sorry if i offended someone) 

Why you think you should be unbanned: 

I would like to be unbanned because i really love this game, and i would like to see it growing, to learn new things and to help new players.

I promise that in the future i will be more mature and careful about what i say.
Anything else we should know: (I am sorry if my english is not that good, i live in Italy, i used a translator)

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