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Perma ban appeal [Mirrorcult]-mrlazyrit


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SS14 account: Femboy69

Character name: Chad Thundercock
When was the ban: around 13:56 GMT
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard den lizard
Your side of the story: at the beginning of the round i make some burn and brute meds then run off to cargo to order a bomb suit (I wanted to test how chemical grenades work for a long time since my first attempt 3 rounds ago i didn't even know how to assemble one [still don't know how to]) after ordering a bomb suit from a cargotech named Mack? or how was it i run back to medbay and produce some more pills for myself and chemical desk 3-5 minutes later i return to cargo after seeing mack say something about things arriving in radio, after arriving at cargo i conviniently spotted HoS and asked him to open the bomb suit crate for me (he agreed to do so) someone welded cargobay doors shut so i told cargotech he can just bring the crate to the window and HoS can open it for me (which he did not do but someone unwelded the door so the crate was carried out) i pointed at the crate for HoS and he gladly opened it for me, after which i started carrying it to medbay for storage in that moment QM Bard? or how was he and Hoid probably wrong name but somethign like that instantly runs behind me, shoots me in the back in front of 3 security officers (including HoS) saying that mack (the cargotech that ordered the suit) should be killed for ordering it and that "NO ONE FUCKS WITH CARGO" was the last thing i saw him type before he shot me twice with a double barrel, my body is later dragged to medbay for cloning by some random passerby and i swear an oath to avenge my honour to CMO while he tries to ask captain to raid cargo for killing me and having guns. i try to make some weapons for myself (first try to make some napalm but im too lazy to bring welding fuel over) then i try to make phlogiston to use it in a spray bottle (find out i have no plasma so i ask science for it) they say that they don't have any and that i should ask engineering for it, after which i just decided to make CLF since it's the most easy to make flammable that i usable in a spray bottle ( i load up 100 units of CLF into my sprayer) then i see a commotion on radio that cargobay was bombed and run to it in order to try to still get my bomb suit in the heat of a moment maybe they don't notice me, i run to cargo see like 9 people including security guards standing there, cargobay is powered down and i can just open doors with crowbar ( i think this is my chance i saw the bomb suit crate in Qms office before) i open the doors to cargo and the horde of 5+ people follow me into qms office (i do not find the bomb suit crate there) then i see QM brad running inside his office and instantly shooting me with his double barrel with incendiary rounds while shouting "GET OUT" i try to defense myself with the sprayer with clf that i made, manage to land 1 good spray on him and set him on fire before dropping dead after 2 shots. Captain that was inside cargobay brings me to medbay and runs off to do something, then some unstable security guard follows me into the cloning chamber (where both CMO and 2 interns were cloning me at the moment) the moment i get out of the cloning chamber he tries to stun me while mumbling something about keeping me there, i disarm him easily and stun him for doing that then try to ask what the hell was he doing while CMO whips out a big iron and shoots that guy three times and other interns maul him to death after which CMO said to clone him and question him but sec guard left the server so we just decided to loot his body and leave him the morgue (i took the armour and his PDA) after which i decided to finally ask security what the hell were they doing with cargo this whole time (i go to the security department entering with the sec officers PDA and asking others to meet with HoS privately) then i see those two cargo guys who were responsible for killing me two times Hoid and Bard instantly running up to me and shooting me dead in front of HoS and 3 other security guards then saying stuff that i broke in and should be perma'd (don't remember anything else they said to be honest) captain and hos bring me to the cloner and clone me then carry me to security for detainment while i shout profanities and how security is incompetent at them, (i try to contact admins for 3 time in a row [Note that i did not try to contact admins first time i was killed and only on the that third time in security]) wait around 10 minutes until an online admin respond then i try to explain situation to him while captain is questioning me how many more bombs i have planted on the station (i have in fact never made even 1 bomb that round) after which the admin (Mirrorcult [ i forgot his ingame name since i was dumb and did not screenshot full A-help window]) permabans me with the following reason "Self antagging as chem, producing CLF/3 etc to attack people, massive dick in ahelp and ingame.  I Want A /polite/ Appeal @forums/ss14.io"
????????????? "Producing CLF to attack people" Only made 1 batch used 5 u to spray the guy who was shooting me and never harmed anyone else that round other than the security guard who was mauled to death by CMO and interns.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Admin didn't spend even 1 minute since responding to my A-help and just permabanned me instead of fully investigating the situation througly to get to the bottom of this incident.
Anything else we should know: first time writing a ban appeal lmao


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Also was timeout on discord for 24h for "Trying to discuss bans is forbidden" while my messages was just explaining the situation from my side to the admin (Is there like a hidden rule list that normal plebs cannot see that explicitly says that discussing such stuff in general chat is forbidden and punishable by basically a 24h ban?)

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10 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:

This is almost completely unreadable. Can you edit that huge block of text to include proper punctuation and at least a little bit of formatting? Break it up into paragraphs please.

too lazy to bother with that 

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