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[Stealth16 - Moony] NRC (Ban Appeal)


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SS14 account: NRC
Character name: Ransom / Chad
When was the ban: 10 min ago
Server Lizard USW
Your side of the story:  Last week i get a temp-ban of 3 days, my timeout finished and i started playing again, now i get a Perma ban for trying to connect in another account when i was banned last week.
Why you think you should be unbanned: there is a system to stop you of logging in while banned, and if you can bypass there is no way of a game mod know, so, like i said, my timeout is over, and why i tried to bypass first time? i forgot about the rules. then i read again.

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Ideally you would’ve been re-banned while you were banned previously. We typically catch ban evasion quickly. You slipped through the cracks. I only caught you because I found you in game breaking the rules again and went to check your ban history.

I think this means you need to sit out for a little while. Appeal in a week.

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Typo. van -> ban


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