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SS14 account: RatherLargeGuy
Character name: Joe Johnson
When was the ban: About a month ago
Server you were playing on when banned: I was not playing on any server at the moment of the ban.
Your side of the story: I was alt accounting on the ss14 discord server , and talking with some people . It all went pretty well until the moment when one of the admins asked me about my ss14 Ckey , I confirmed that was indeed - my Ckey . When I started to type my response , I shit you not - my internet went out . After the internet came back I quickly opened Discord , and saw that I was (Reasonably) banned from the server . Then I opened the game and saw that I was also (Reasonably) banned . 
Why you think you should be unbanned: The reason why I should be unbanned is the following : Whenever I play any important job (Security , medical doctor , scientist etc.) I always try to stay at my workplace and assist anyone who is hurt , witnessed a crime , was a victim of one or just needs a bucket . When I play security (which is rather frequent) I always do my best to stop crimes , protect my fellow crew members , and make it that the round would last longer than half an hour because of some potassium-water bomb throwing traitor. And as for the ''Was your ban unfair'' part , I think that my ban on both the discord server and the game itself was justified and fair . 
Anything else we should know: Nope


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