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Eewa - Ban Appeal


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Is it that time of year?

SS14 account: eewa
Character name: I forgot. I use random names anyways.
When was the ban: Months ago. I have a bad memory.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: I have had a bad history of toxicity on SS14 (in OOC chat and on the Discord). The captain was randomly attacking/arresting/killing people, including me, because of what they did in the previous round (I believe he even said it was because people killed him in the previous round), and when he jailed me (he attempted to jail me permanently, but someone let me out) he even took EVERYTHING I had, including my PDA/ID, so I couldn't do anything. So I threw a fit in OOC, and eventually called an admin a shithead (I believe it was MetalGearSloth). I assume that was the last straw for the adminsĀ  so they banned me.
Why you think you should be unbanned: The ban reason stated simply; "Come back when you can be less nice" (or something like that). It has been months, so I believe I should be given a second chance, because i CAN be nice, and I will. I was unbanned for just a few rounds one day, but then my ban was vetoed by admins. In those moments of toxicity I showed before, it was purely impulsive, and I didn't mean a single thing I said. I am very interested in SS14. Even while banned I still paid attention to the game and it's updates. I am even taking a game design course at my school, and if I manage to learn how to code from that I'll even contribute to SS14.
Anything else we should know: To *every* admin that reads this, if you vetoed my ban PLEASE talk to me, I'll apologize for my immature toxicity. You can message me here or on Discord (eeshaa#3123). I completely understand why I was banned, and why my unban was vetoed, but I want to make things right.

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