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Ban Appeal


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Ban appeal [Moony] - Ripmorld

= For game bans =

SS14 account: Ripmorld
Byond account: 
Character name: Snow
When was the ban: 5 min ago
Server Lizard USW
Your side of the story: I got a radio saying that I should jump down disposals , and I decided to do that 20 min (ish ?) later. I got trapped in an infinite loop made by the clown , after I asked him to let me out and he let me out. I plan my revenge by dropping a timed metal foam bomb down disposals , but I was afraid I would break rules . So I asked in ahelp wether I can do it or not.  Then moony seens be upset that I was making a bomb as I have chem as a jobban , and proceed to ban me for 3 days.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I never given an offical reason for the jobban of chem , which I suppose was because I have bombed people in the past. And I have been with chems as science for at least a week without causing any trouble , nor have I been told I was breaking the rules as evading the jobban. And , really , in this round that I was banned . I don't recall anything I have done that could be accounted as rulebreaking aside from building the chem machines ( which I have no idea was rule breaking prior )
Anything else we should know: Well I think this post will function as a ban appeal for my jobban of chem , since I have somewhat proven my self capable to work with chem without causing trouble because I have worked with it as scientist for more than a week

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