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[ Todd ] SS14 username- Junglistunite


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SS14 account: / JUNGLISTUNIT3
Byond account: O
Character name: / Beau Jangles
When was the ban:   26/3/2022 10.30 uk time
Server you were playing on when banned: Liz
Your side of the story:     during a round where i was a T i got hired as hop and did some stuff to anger pretty much everyone on the station to the point i was being watched and when i was being arrested and fired for the stuff i said in the chat something along the lines of ' if you keep this up im gunna rep you '    a clear abbreviation of report however is caught me an instant prema as it was seen as me threatening to rape them something i had to ask an admin about as it was not stated on my bad the specific thing i said but obviously this is a misunderstanding i am very aware of the rules of what is and is not acceptable NEVER would i say anything of this nature to anybody and looking at the context of the situation it is very clear this is what i meant, using text speak or abvs is not banned so say in the rules just not encouraged and i do my best not to do so but when in a anger inducing situation like being arrested for just being hated is one of those situations where it was somewhat just as i felt they were breaking rules towards me ie being sh*t sec and arresting me ' just because '
Why you think you should be unbanned: /  well because i did not do what i was banned for simply its very clearly a misunderstanding and i can understand somewhat why it happened but at the same time the admin who was watching should have surely been able too see this context however that being said its not for me to state it as a fact they or anyone was watching 

Anything else we should know:   the last thing i wanna do is accuse anyone but i feel maybe i was banned because i was trolling the round as a T like revoking access and being pretty hands on with the people who swarmed the window,  some might theorise that i was banned for this super minor thing just to stop the 10 people who were probly dumb enough to think i was the FR hop..   but ima keep an open mind and keep thinking this is just an honest mistake.


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