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Ban Apeal


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= May I Explain More About the Bridge Bombing? =

[moony] -Hamburgerman

= For game bans =

SS14 account: Hamburgerman.
Character name: Milton Patel
When was the ban: I was banned about at 12:20 day 3/26/22
I was banned on Lizard
Your side of the story: Ok so, I threw away this one person, named Flint, their crowbar. They stunned me, cuffed me, and threw me in the Captain's Bathroom. She took my id. I broke out from the bathroom and chased after her, with no intent on using the gun in my hand, which was a Droz. She pulled out a shotgun and shot it, so I fired back, but my gun blew up before a single shot was fired, she killed me. Got cloned and had the intent to get revenge. Now this is when I was given the cryobomb by a guy named Chad. I didn't know it was, he said to drink it when the time was right. So I when to Bridge, drank it, and blew up. Having no idea it was a bomb until it was too late. And that's how I got banned.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I'd say I should be unbanned, because I didn't know it was a bomb. I like spending my time in the game running around getting into trouble, this game has a lot of potential. And just to prove I didn't know it was a bomb I have video evidence.  I'd say it was kind of unfair that I couldn't explain myself more in dept. I didn't know it would explode, ok, Chad gave it to me and didn't give much context.
Anything else we should know: And just so you know, I recorded the whole thing, so you may have it as proof. The video is split into pieces since I couldn't fit it all. Please, allow me to explain if something similar to this happens, thanks. Also sorry for posting this in the wrong place. The rest of the video proof will be posted.

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