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stealth village idiot appeal


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SS14 account: villageidiot
Byond account: OPTIONAL. lmao
Character name: village idiot
When was the ban: like 4 mins ago
Server you were playing on when banned: lizard
Your side of the story: typed a in admin chat
Why you think you should be unbanned: idk lol kind of strange to ban permanently because of that
Anything else we should know: idk
appeal, include it here.

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2 minutes ago, moony said:

You were using ahelp to check if admins were online, and not for anything useful, which is extremely sus on your part. Can you explain.

because it was funny lol I wasn't using it to check for admins of course theres admins online 24/7 I was just bored in the lobby screen while the game was loading

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so you directly admit to lying when you said you didn't mean to (which I already knew, thanks for confirming)
Alongside this, you're abrasive both in discord and in-game, have made a game out of messing with admins judging by your ahelps, and generally not a good fit for this community. I'm going to invoke rule 0, other staff are free to override me, but I'm denying this appeal.






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