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Ban Appeal


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SS14 account: henery

character name: forgot

when was the ban: yesterday (3/19/22)

The server you were playing on: Wizards den Lizard

Your side of the story: I just started playing this game yesterday because one my favorite youtubers played it and I was very interested. I joined the server with the most people without reading rules, which was very stupid of me. within an hour of playing this game I had drug a dead body I found in the med room into the bar and sold it for chocolate bar, while also saying to the person I sold the body to, that quote "I'm selling this old lady like a sex doll" . After this I continued playing the game normally.

why you think you should get unbanned: When playing these games I like to have fun and I never mean to hate speech or harm anyone. Since I didn't read the rules and I said something that broke them, I 100% deserved the ban but I feel like I should have another chance and maybe a temporary ban. I feel really bad for the people that had to see me type that and I feel really stupid for not taking the precaution's before playing this game. I just feel like I should have another chance to make things right and never make the same mistake.

Anything else we should know: I never meant to harm anyone. I hope you give me another chance.

BTW: I pasted this into a new appeal because my first one was wrong.

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