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Ban Appeal (Ingame)


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SS14 account: Eris
Character name: Eris Starmaster
When was the ban: Last saturday
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard?

Your side of the story: When I was banned, I was on thin ice due to being banned for breaking rules on metagaming/ick ock. I said "ouch I got murderboned" in the OOC chat, forgetting about the no ick ock rule and Moony warned me about no ick ock. I kept playing, and within a few minutes was permabanned for "Persistent failure to follow rules, ignoring admin requests deliberately."
Why you think you should be unbanned: I accidentally slipped up while trying to play a casual game of SS14, and I believe I should have 1 last chance. I will not make the same mistakes again, and will most likely disable OOC chat for myself until a few months post-ban to ensure I won't slip up again.
Anything else we should know: Nothing.

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After carefully reviewing your history on the game servers, our discord and on github, we have decided to reject your appeal. Your constant disregard for other players' fun, multiple and repeated rule breakages, general immaturity and main protagonist syndrome makes you completely unfit for playing the game.

Appeal again in a year or two, when you've matured a bit more.



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