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Ban Appeal-Moony|also kind of a complaint on how some admins handle bans


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SS14 account: aedannx
Character name: Ronald something dude idk
When was the ban: like 10 minutes ago from when this was posted
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Den Lizard

Your side of the story: I was banned for the following reason "Abusing Ghost role to grief. 'Disrupted' sec as mouse and drone, metagaming as PaI." Now I will own up to be trolling as drone, I welded a door a prisoner was in and then got killed by admins. But I am not going to admit to "disrupting sec" or "metagaming as PaI." Now, before I defend myself, the one thing the admins love to do is be extremely vague in the ban messages, so you have no idea what you get banned for and have to wait for a admin to even see your ban appeal, and on the chance they do see it you don't have the full info, so you cant even bring back a proper argument. So I am going to start with the mouse "disrupting" , because I do know why that happened. I uncuffed someone as mouse, now apparently this was a bug. So I don't know why I am held accountable for the bugs in the game. A admin said I shouldn't know how to interact in the first place, because mouse's don't know how to uncuff handcuffs. I said that I thought it was a feature because mouse's are famous for chewing on ropes and wires and other things like that, so the conversation in ahelp ends, I become a drone weld a door that a human is inside of and get vanished. I said "my bad my fault", but another thing that I thought was really unprofessional was the hostility from one of the admins in ahelp. I was literally admitting to the thing I did and instead of trying to defuse the situation in help they only increased the tension like they wanted me to argue back or something.  I brought this up in ahelp and I guess the admin took it in a harmful way because it lead to my ban for metagaming as pai. HOW WAS I METAGAMING AS PAI a clown walked in said he was a cap and the captain said no, and I said they should 1v1 for the title of captain. I literally don't know whats wrong with this. I also knew of the captains belongings because I rightclicked him.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I think this ban could have easily come to a better compromise if it didn't feel like the admins were out to get me, I think the only reason I got banned was because they were trying to scrounge up as much info as they could until they could find a reason for a ban. Or it could have gone better if moony didnt intervene at all, it was already being perfectly handled by other mods who were a lot more respectful and then moony came in and started raising tension for no reason. 9/10 bet moony will reply to this and deny it because of the track record of being petty about appeals complaining about them, if not I would be suprised.
Anything else we should know:
appeal, include it here. I said what I wanted to say. Ban Message: image.png.7980946788c20b037a572b976cdc2a0f.png

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41 minutes ago, aedannx said:

A admin said I shouldn't know how to interact in the first place, because mouse's don't know how to uncuff handcuffs

Ignoring the fact that it is a bug that allows you to do this in the first place. The cuffs are made of metal so there is no way a mouse would be able to do that. I will refrain from diving too much into this area because this is a much smaller portion compared to being a drone. Breaking a secured windoor in sec and welding a door shut with a prisoner on the other end. The only thing you really have going for you is the fact that you admitted to this part. This does not change the fact that you deliberately did something you know you werent supposed to do. You were banned for griefing multiple times so this really doesnt make sense on why you did it again. 

The thing that really gets me is this part.

41 minutes ago, aedannx said:

but another thing that I thought was really unprofessional was the hostility from one of the admins in ahelp.

When you said, and I quote
"it's a fucking feature"

The hostility happened long before any of the other admins stepped in.

We are not out to get you, you had 3 different Ahelps about you from 3 different people from each of your ghost roles in the same round. Every time our conversation ended someone else mentioned "this person is doing this" which brought us back to watching you again. We tried to leave you be.

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I wasn't here for this incident and I have never seen you before, so I'll take over this appeal. Having had no interaction with you, there should be no reason why I have any bias against you, correct?

A quick look through our internal resources tells me that admins have opened multiple relays with you over the last week for harmbatonning people, and I see a good amount of complaints about you as well. I also have you on logs for cremating someone as a non-antag, something that we have a precedent for banning for, and then getting into a long winded argument with the admin handling that situation. I've read the full log (it spans MULTIPLE pages) and I commend Todd for his patience in speaking with you. In the end, after much internal discussion between multiple members of the ingame team, you were given a security job ban without a gameban.

Our internal resources also tell me you are just coming off of a perma-ban, shortened via an appeal, because you began attempting to connect to our servers last week after three months of being banned. There is a precedent for you misbehaving in rounds here, and that does effect our judgement in making further decisions. One ban is a mistake. Four, the number you are at now, is a pattern. These are all things we keep in mind when making a judgement.


MysticPhantasm2: any reason you were uncuffing people as a mouse?
aedannx: am i not allowed to
aedannx: its a fucking feature
Pancake: It's a bug actually.
MysticPhantasm2: you arent supposed to remember how to do interact with things
aedannx: im a mouse
aedannx: i could just be chewing the cuffs
aedannx: mouses do that
Pancake: Cease.
moony: You're just using ghost roles to fuck with sec
moony: Stop right now or I'm banning you.
moony: Got it?
aedannx: guilty
aedannx: ill stop
aedannx: no need to be hostile m oony
aedannx: something called defusing a situation
moony: I get hostile with players who pretend they're not doing anything wrong
aedannx: i said guilty
aedannx: i mean
aedannx: that 
moony: it took me chiming in for you to admit it.
aedannx: i mean i was a mouse
aedannx: and those engie guys were like carrying me around
aedannx: that maint drone thing though
aedannx: yeah 
aedannx: 100 percent my bad 

For the sake of transparency, this is the admin relay we have for the round you were banned on. Because this log includes nothing about the charge of metagaming as a pAI, I'll ignore it. Still, I've got a few things I want to comment on.

1. I strongly dislike the tone you used with Mystic when she asked you about why you were uncuffing people as a mouse.

2. You were warned once for using ghost roles to fuck with security as a mouse. You then proceeded to do it AGAIN as a drone.

This is the second instance of you clearly breaking the rules in the five days since you've been unbanned. You were given a three day ban as a result of this.

My own judgement after my investigation is that your appeal should be denied. Upon discussion with the rest of the team (we do not make judgements by ourselves) they agree with me.

The ban holds, minus the metagaming charge, which I don't think was properly included in your punishment in the first place. Appeal denied.

A warning that our policy is that a user who is banned 5 times will receive a permanent ban. As this is your fourth ban, your next one will be an appeal-only ban. Because you've already been appealbanned once, you will need to create a VERY good appeal to get back in. If that happens I will ensure that your ban is handled by a different member of the team that has not interacted with you- to ensure that there is no bias.

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Myself and other members of the team take charges of admin misconduct very seriously. Understand that your ban was a decision made by multiple members of the team as an entity, rather than a single admin (moony) looking for reasons to ban you.

If we wanted to look for reasons to keep you banned, your previous appeal would not have been accepted.


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