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Just for Moony.


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Look moony i know i said the N word but the thing about people is that where naturally gonna fuck up some times or even say things we don't mean to say and its the part of humans that naturally comes to us no one is perfect or naturally perfect and beautiful we all screw up some times i screw up and you and others do to in their lives. but the thing about us is we adapt to those things like when i drone trolled i was banned and i knew it was a Screw over to actual players some people like to do that or even mess around but i think it was truly my own fault for how i acted when i was in a moment of anger and hate i acted out that hate without realizing. Is this who i really want to become a Rascist person. I told my self i would never say it and would purely punish my self if i said it and i did i hate that i did and every thing about it i wanted to say. Yes your right i deserve to be banned. but i believe it would be my own fault if i didn't say this give me a second chance at least i didn't drone troll after that warning. i Really mean it i promise to not ever do it again it should be at note that yes you are correct for the ban but i would just Kill for a second chance once more. @moony

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