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Ban Appeal


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SS14 account: IronFist
Character name: Honkfoolery Clownson
When was the ban: 04/03/2022 at Wizards
Your side of the story: I saw a Cargo Tech named Henry breaching into a wall and trespassing into the room opposite of the assistant spawn at Packed so I cuffed him and was bringing him to the HoP so I could ask the HoP for a Science access for him but then a assistant and a clown came and uncuffed and I arrested the clown afterwards. After I jail the clown I got notified by moony and without telling me what I did that moony felt was wrong, got banned because of "shitsec."
Why you think you should be unbanned: I believed the clown broke one of the space laws and I only did what I felt was right in a situation like that. I was only going to give the clown a 1 minute jail time. How does that make me a shitsec if I'm trying to do my job properly?
Anything else we should know: None

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