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SS14 account: Konstantine

Character name: Mr. Pink 
When was the ban:  I can't be sure, I haven't played in a while
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard (US West)
Your side of the story:  Right, so honestly I'm not too sure what I said or why I said it, but I believe I may have said the "f" slur at some point a long time ago. It may have been repeating what someone else said, it may also have been out of sheer frustration
Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe that this action of mine was uncalled for, whatever the reason. I apologize for whatever I said, my ban was just. I would really like to join back into the server, see ss14 develop, and have some fun. I will refrain from using slurs in the future.


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Unbanned. Please familiarize yourself with the rules when you're next on. We have a zero tolerance policy towards slurs even if it's not a slur in your home country. Don't let it happen again.


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Chief ideaguy

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