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Making shuttles, part 1 (UPDATES)


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Hey there! Unbanned spessman here, now bringing you updates on making shuttles.
First off: You can craft Shuttle Consoles now! Ask Science for the board (Keep in mind, it's expensive.)
Second: 2 generators are normally enough for any shuttle, I've found. More are nice for if you need a good amount of power (Bagel has 3), but I find 2 work just FINE.
Also: If you're intending to make a shuttle, be a Salvage Worker. You'll have Cargo access (Neccesary for thrusters and gyros, as well as mats and wires) but you can also salvage to sometimes get a generator if you're lucky! 
Alright, go back to making shuttles now. I'll be busy working on launching a crapton of A1 shuttles from Bagel.

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Yea, I dont know what range starts to be too low or too high to start hurting people. And if there is way to much pressure even with a hardsuit it will do damage to you. Not too sure if that is implemented yet, but I remember reading a while ago that is something they wanted to do. 

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