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teostrom1(new is: Binary_) - ERP

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Ban reason: ERP and other erotic implcations involving making request to other players and emoting
Length of ban: this ban will only be removed via appeal.
Events leading to the ban: I was the captain on a station (I dont remember which) and I was on bridge quite bored at the time, I decided it would be funny to "joke" about ERP and I attempted to drag another crewmember into hamlet's box, after this would proceed to not work i dragged renault into the box and emoted "thump thump" once, this was then followed by me leaving the box and continueing with my round as normal and in the end I was banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: i had during the time of this situation not gotten proper help for my mental condition, i have ADHD and AUTISM which may be partial cause for my inappropriate actions on the server and it was also quite late at night in my time zone. This mistake will not be repeated and i am now getting help for my condition with medication, i am sincerely sorry for my previous actions and do not expect to be forgiven, just given a chance to prove i have changed.
if a server can change, so can i.

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