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dave36464736 - Self Antag, Singuloose, AME Maxing, Mass Station Sabotage.

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Ban reason: Self Antag, Singuloose, AME Maxing, Mass Station Sabotage.
Length of ban: Permanent. 
Events leading to the ban: After playing a couple of round during your April Fools events, I had incorrectly guessed that tomfoolery and self antag were acceptable. As I seen others decide to do the same. I then proceeded to crank the PA to 3. Knowing full well what would happen. After the Singularity was spaced, I thought it would be funny to sabotage the AME. Again. I was wrong and should not have done so. I was then contacted by the Admins and removed after I fessed up and was told to think of my actions.
Reason the ban should be removed: I've been asking myself that question. Why should I be allowed to play this game again? If I'm being honest, I want to keep having fun as I have for the last 200 so hours I have been playing. I made a lapse of judgement and allowed myself to act in a manner that is not in accordance with the game rules and should have known better. Should I be unbanned, You can have my assurance that this will not happen again. I will act completely within the confines of the job role I am assigned and make sure that if in doubt of what actions are appropriate, Either ask, Or err on the side of caution and use common sense.

Thank you all for your time. I am sorry for the manner of which I have acted. If you decide to deny my appeal, I will accept it and move on without complaint. 


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